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William Bergbacka - "The Machine"

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

William Bergbacka - Vocals

- Get To Know The Band -

Say hello to the bands vocalist.

Wille as he prefer to go by, came in contact with the band in early summer of 2021. He was pointed in our direction during a conversation with a mutual friend of ours.

Some time went by before he reached out to us, and It didn't take us long to know that this collaboration was ment to be. Not to jump the gun we decided that session work for this album and all that comes with it would be a great place to start.

"The Machine" is something Odin came up with during the process of writing the lyrics and melodies. Here is why:

I have never met somebody like Wille, the focus this guy has and the ability to really sink into the material and understanding it, blew me mind.

We began our conversation around dinner time June 3rd. Did all the normal small talk and sending information back and forth, you know the drill. Couple of hours later we decided to go for it and start with one song, He was suppose to get back to me later that week with a demo.

No wonder I was surprised when he reached out later that same evening, five hours later to be exact.

He was like:

William Bergbacka - Vocals - Photo: Skarv Studios
The Machine - Preproduction

"Hey man, i just sent you a file with my idea for the song we talked about".

I didn´t know what he ment right a way, but a couple of texts later i realised that he was done with the song.

To be honest i didn´t know what to expect and I was a bit nervous.

I listen to it one time, and that was enough. 95 percent of the demo that he gave me that night was how we ended up recording it.

And that goes for all of the songs except one. But even that one, ended up with a lot of demo ideas on the record.

The vocals was recorded on August 25th at Obsidian Recoding in Gothenburg.

Robert Kukla was amazing, we strongly recommend checking him and his studio out.

"Some words from the man him self"

Growing up in Gothenburg, heavy music was always present. From a very young age, heavy music became both an interest, a love, as well as a lifestyle.

At The Gates have always been the main influencers and still are. Closely followed by other Gothenburg giants such as Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Amon Amarth clearly influenced me as well.

William Bergbacka - Vocals - Photo: Skarv Studios
You can´t hide passion

When it comes to my own vocal style, I'd say that I've borrowed some here and there from the previously mentioned bands and their frontmen. But if I had to pick one main influence, it is easy: Tompa Lindberg of At The Gates. Hands down. His lyrics and his vocal style is without a doubt my biggest influence and source of inspiration.

As for the future, I do believe we have something good coming your way. Only time will tell. Whatever happens, know this: We gave this our all. We gave this album EVERYTHING!

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