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We thank you all! Let´s recap.....

It has been ten days since we released our first single "To The Wolves"

We must say we are overwhelmed from your response, both commentaries, likes and the stream counts and traffic on our streaming platforms.

Of course we are a brand new name in the cluster of band out there, but it seems we manage to find metal heads like yourself that are appreciating our music. For that we are so grateful.

Photo: Robert Hellström
Die With Fear Official

We really hope you will appreciate our next song and help us on the road ahead, continuing to build our band. Sooner or later we will see you live on stage having a kick ass party.

Till now we want to thank:

- You the fans and followers

- Heavy Metal Norge (Web)

- Eternal Terror (web) (Web)

- Black Night Radio (Radio Luce) (Web)

- MMH Radio (Web)

- Roots Rock Riot Show (Web)

- GR Studios (IG)

- Obsidian Recording Studios (Web)

- Studio Fredman (Web)

- Siros Vaziri (Web)

- Marcelo Vasco (IG)

- Gustavo Sazes (IG)

- Metaldailysongs (IG)

- One Metal Song A Day (IG)

- The Shred Pit (IG)

- Rcvv Studios (IG)

- Hells Gate (IG)

- Born To Die (IG)

- Prevail In Darkness (IG)

- Maxime (Spotify)

- Core (Spotify)

The list will continue.......

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