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Robin Lagerborg - "Mr. Chugs"

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

- Get To Know The Band -

Photo: Skarv Studio
Robin Lagerborg - Rhythm Guitar

Hey man, so nice of you to stop by.

Do you wanna join the band? (laughing sarcastically)

He replied: "Yeah sure"

Let's rewind a bit, and get the full picture..... It is the full picture.

Well it was not exactly like that. More of a coincident if you ask me.

It was more like this.....

I didn't get the memo

Super focused and ready to kick off the vocal recording, we arrived

at Obsidian Recordings in Gothenburg on a Monday.

After all the chit chat and setup, we began laying tracks.

We just killed it!

Ok, you know when you are really deep into something and have kind of a tunnel view? You can get easily surprised!

First we had no idea that Robin was coming by to begin with, or any other person for that matter.

I should say that Wille and Robin are buddies and he probably told him that we were entering the studio. But it wasn't until his arrival that I personally got the memo.

Wille was like: Hey Odin, is it ok if Robin comes by?

I love knitting neat Nike knickers

I thought to my self the first few seconds, you done this before and you know this can

change the focus and just turn into a knitting club before you can say... I love knitting neat Nike knickers. (that was stupid)

But anyway, for the most part it is awesome to get visitors.

So of course I said sure! And five minutes later, Boom!

In this case it was very cool, and we continued without any unnecessary disruptions.

Robin is an awesome and humble guy that was really chill and respectful.

It´s sounds awesome broh!
Photo by: Stein-Odin Johannessen
Robin Lagerborg - Rhythm Guitar

It wasn´t until day three when Robin came by ones a gain.

And I was a bit surprised, and this time without a warning. But it was as cool to have him around as the first time.

Wille was in HULK mod and really killed it, it sounded awesome and we all just felt it come together.

This is a particularly killer section of the tittle track "Sonata Di Morte"

I looked over at Robin and he seemed to dig it. He really listened and was really focused.

So I ask him: So Robin, do you think we can become rock stars with this shit?

He just replied: Dude, this sounds freaking awesome!

Of course when you are the creator of something, you always get psyched when you get good feedback.

So just without thinking of it, I just said, kinda duchy: You should join the band. We have a spot open on rhythm guitar?

"Yeah Sure"

First I thought to myself, oh no, that was a bit duchy,

Just because he said he liked it doesn´t mean he want to join the band. (Face Slap)

But it just slipped out of me, most likely because it felt right to ask and all that.

When he answered "Yeah sure" I didn´t know what to think at first.

But we talk a bit, about the setup and all, and we found out that a session position to begin with was a good option. We don´t know where this album will lead us, and to keep things simple it was the best option. And for him as well.

So we decided to join forces right then and there.

Let´s see where this record takes us.

What happens around the corner is unknown, and that is what makes music so interesting.

And here is Robins personal story. Enjoy!

Photo: Skarv Studio
Robin Lagerborg - Rhythm Guitar

As a kid growing up, music was always present, and always caught my attention. Both my dad and my uncle played and listened to a lot of music and still does. Mostly blues, rock, hard rock, all the awesome 60's, 70's and 80's bands. My dad used to play guitar with his friend on the weekends when my mom was working. I remember that I often listened to them play. Thought it was cool as fu....! The best time was when my uncle came over and joined the party. He had his old drum kit in the attic of our house. So a couple of times a year when my mom was out, they rigged up the living room, drums and guitars and just rocked out.

My uncle really made me wanna play the drums at first, but we had limited space in the house, so that didn't work. Well, time went by, and one day my dad came to me with an offer. He asked if I wanted to play guitar instead of drums. "I'll buy your first guitar and amplifier" he said to me. So I thought, well guitar is pretty cool too. Ace Frehley in Kkiss plays guitar, he is much cooler than Peter Criss, haha!

That is how I got into playing guitar and making music.

Here we are, older but still with the same love and passion for music!

So my inspiration began with Kiss, no doubt. Some AC/DC, Whitesnake, Deep Purple everything my dad listened to, you know. After that I became a hardcore Metallica fan for years, riffing like a maniac, but It naturally evolved towards Pantera, Slipknot, Chimaira,

Lamb Of God and Mastodon. My love for grooves and chugs in metal is a huge part of me. This has naturally turned me in to this chug ´n groove machine I am today.

Everyone I ever played with wanted to be a solo/shredder like Yngwe, and i was like ”fu....k that, every band needs a brutal rhythm guitarist to make peoples head pop!” So I have been working hard on my chugs and grooves and people seem to enjoy that just as much. Or I tell myself that anyways.

Photo: Skarv Studio
Robin Lagerborg - Rhythm Guitar

Signing out for now.

And remember every Monday is a news day!

Thank you for taking the time and reading the full story.

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Robin Lagerborg "Mr. Chugs"

The best to you all!

Die With Fear

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