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Release date announced - February 18th 2022.

The fist single for the album will be released on Friday February 18th. 2022 with the song "To The Wolves"

Piece By Piece

Artwork By: Marcelo Vasco Logo by: Gustavo Sazes
Sonata Di Morte Official Album

The album as taken a long time to complete, But the time has made it even better.

The first demo was recorded back in 2017.

The pandemic and the bands struggle has in a wired way reflected back into the album. As the whole thing has come together piece by piece and influenced by the surroundings. We feel that it must be a reason for it all to happen the way it has.

To the Wolves

This song was written in one of the hardest times of my life. In a way, this has to be the most bi polar song on the record if you ask me. I feel it reflects the up and downs musically and with Willes vocals and lyrics it has come together as a strong and fitted song to open the album. We can say that the music and lyrics has come together in a similar way with out much thought. It just happened. By sharing our story with you we are glad if it can help you in your life. If it´s at the gym, with your sorrows, your life in general or just as an awesome way to headbang around the house. Either way, enjoy.

Signing out!

Die With Fear

Written by: Odin

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