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Press release & Song titles

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Dienamic, an Arctic Death Thrash act hailing from Gothenburg Sweden have just announced the completion of the bands 3rd. full length studio album. The band has finally found their sound and style that they have worked on for over 10 years.

We got something uniq and special here!

The band have been away for many years in the studio writing, recording and forming their new live lineup, stage show and image, and are preparing to hit the road once again.

The band will follow up the ´Bardo´ release from 2020 with their 3rd full length album ´Sonata Di Morte´.

8 tracks with bone crushing riffs, melodies and lyrics that will bring energy and life to the masses.

Release date is not yet confirmed.

'Sonata Di Morte´ has taken a long time to write, but the time has made it even better.

The band are now on the hunt for partners that can help give this record the attention it deserve.