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News Event November 15th. - Dienamic

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Web Store - Music - The band - The Future

First off, let me say that we are grateful that you took the time to stop by, Thank you for your support. Really guys.....

Okey lets jump right into it.

To begin this first weekly news update I will let you know that our music is up and running again on all streaming platforms. We also added lyrics to all the our songs.

Hope you enjoy it!

Digipack for Surfing The Apocalypse Remixed & Remastered

For you who want to support the band directly we have some news for you as well!

We have now added all albums as digipack for purchase in our store.

All tracks, artwork and lyrics.

For those who want the physical copy, we have included the digipack as a bonus.

This will also apply to the new album.

What happens now? And what is going on with the band and members?
What to expect these coming weeks and months?

We have a lot happening behind the curtains and are working hard on every aspect of the bands future and the new album.

Every Monday in every week will be a news day, Some holidays will delay the Mondays it effects.

What is going on with the band and members?

As many of you know, we have been in some bad bad weather and artists has come and gone under the rebuilding period after the move to Sweden.

The most important thing of all, making new music for you.l.T

Of course we can't get along on a creative basis with everyone, it's actually the hardest thing to achieve in a band.

We have our ways of doing things in this band, and from the beginning we have set the bar high, maybe too high sometime. But we have always had the philosophy that working hard on the things you love, your self as an artist and person, would eventually lead you to the right people. The ones that you can be creative with in a positive and honest way. It also made it easier for us to see who didn't fit in.

On the other side we have met some great musicians and people under these last years. "We are humbled to have met you all.

Thank you, we are forever grateful for all the time and energy that you have put into this band"

-Dienamic salutes you!

We are on a new and exciting path!

Going forward from here, we will do all we can to include you and make ways for the new band, album and its future.

We will talk more about this in the coming news updates.

The New Album - Sonata Di Morte

Regarding the new album, we can tell you this much, the album is done, and are in the mastering process. To read more about the new album click HERE to go to our "Releases" page. We will update you as soon as we have news about release dates and so forth.

Rebuilding the momentum we need for the new album, is not an easy task, especially when we went silent and went under ground for years.

Going forward, we are hundred percent dependent on you. We need your support as fans and fellow metal heads to be able to bulldoze our way towards the release of the album and everything that comes with it.


  • Vinyl

  • Flat cap

  • Lady fit

  • Official & variants of band t-shirts

  • Hoodies

  • And much more!

More about this later.....

And the most important thing of all, making new music for you.

And of course getting you the news as quickly and efficient as possible.

Our music is our story!

Thats all for now guys.....

Signing off from all of us in Dienamic

- Remember to Play It Fucking Loud!

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