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Updated: Feb 7

Linus Hernvall - Bass - Photo: Pontus Fagerstedt

- Get To Know The Band -

Well, as I use to say: The bass, snare and vocals are the most important instrument in a band.

With this record we really focused on the details. The bass manufacture, pickups, strings and recording equipment.

And the most important thing of all, the preparation to get in shape for recording.

Let me just say...... WOW!

Linus is a dedicated and focused musician, that leaves no stone unturned.

The way Linus write his bass lines, his music and his creativity is gold to have in a group that normally leaves little room for free jazz moments, but hi still manage to find allot of space to flavour the tracks to the better. I think we both was a bit surprised how well his ideas fitted into the mix and how the bass lines lifted the already solid track to a new level.

Photo: Pontus Fagerstedt
Linus Hernvall - Bass
From Malmö with love!

Back in 2019 when we sat down and did sounds we began talking about what he wanted and what would be the best solution for him as a bass player and the sound for the record. We tried out four different bass guitars and worked pretty hard to narrow down what really gave us the punch. We landed on one of the test gutars, but Linus was not 100% sure.

We decided to give it a coupe of weeks before we made a final decision.

When we spoke again, hi asked if I wanted to go on a road trip with him. Hi had made some research on Dingwall guitars and was ready to pick up his new baby.

We had picked out Dingwall as one of the best options under our test period, but as many of you know, they are expensive and we had no luck in finding one for our sound checks. Hi hade made up his mind and we jumped into his car and off we went.

From Malmö with love, we headed right for the studio and started working on the sound again. No surprise there, it made our sound complete.

Photo: Skarv Studio
Linus Hernvall - Bass
Recording with Linus is a dream.

I can´t stress this enough but recording music is hard when you want to sound like a live band on record. Long phrases and room for the human element is hard to capture. After the first song was done, we could see that the hard work we had put into the pre-production and preparations gave us results. It was like the songs was born again. Totally new experience, and we both agreed, looked at each other, and just raised our horns to a job well done. The rest of the songs just kept on popping out of its shell and as we finished the last track, we agreed that we could not have done anything more for this record.

Now its your turn to decide......

Linus Hernvall - Bass - Photo: Skarv Studio
Focus & Fun

Linus always had a big interest for heavy and groove music, but it was in his early twenties he started to learn to play, influenced by none other than Cliff Burton, with his energetic and aggressive style that made Linus first pick up the four stringed axe.

With a background of various of hard rock and metal bands, he has big ambitions and want to take Die With Fear into to the spotlight and really show the world who we are. The aim and sole focus has been for several year now, that include the last period with the band as Dienamic, to complete the new Die With Fear album "Sonata Di Morte" with fast-paced riffs and an energy that makes it hard not to throw your hair about. To get out on the road and tour is of course tempting as well, as there's no better feeling than to be living the dream on a sweaty stage, high on adrenaline.

He has big expectations for this album and the future with the band and is eager to make magic happen on the live stage together with the metal machine Die With Fear.

Photo: Skarv Studio
Linus Hernvall - Bass

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