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Donate to our music video - FREE AMOUNT

You can now help us with a FREE AMOUNT donation for our music video for our title track Sonata Di Morte

Filmmaker and date are set for the recording and we appreciate all the help we can get.

We will announce the release date for Sonata Di Morte on Monday April 11th.

Make you donation here: DONATE

What can we offer in return?
  1. We will credit all contributors in the video, with consent.

  2. We will thank you in our social posts and stories (with tag) in all related post during the first two weeks of release.

  3. You will be on our guest list for one show anywhere in the world. (Valid for life)

  4. Early access and join us for sound check and hang with the band.

Thank you for your support !

We wish you all the best.

Die With Fear

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