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Dienamic has become Die With Fear

Today it is official. From now on we are Die With Fear.

After a long time, having this issue hanging over our heads we have decided to leave the old band name with the history it has. The main reason for this is the new music, sound, and style that made this the right choice.

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Die With Fear Official Logo
Die With Fear - The members

Stein-Odin Johannssen - Guitar

Linus Hernvall - Bass

William Bergbacka - Vocals (session)

Robin Lagerborg - Guitar (session)

Drums - OPEN

You are invited to join our journey

We want to invite you to join us on our new social platforms, and of course our official website. We hope to have poked your interest to hang along and listen to the new music.

The social platforms:

Here all major news comes first alongside the weekly news post.

Hey, you can even sign up to our newsletter and get the news first and with that get access to exclusive offers and more.

All Copyright reserved
Die With Fear Official Logo

FB and IG is always a good place to be to follow and be apart of the band.

For you gamers, if you want to join us, in a online game session, making havoc or just watch us have fun gaming, the choice is yours.

Jump into our 15 second day to day life and get the song of the day.

For our music videos, recording and production.

Hope to see you all. And we always appreciate if you want to share our stuff and help other discover new music.

What happens with the old music?

We will always have the complete catalogue from Dienamic for our live shows.

We want to keep the old music alive and available for you Dienamic fans as well.

Why we say that we changed the name instead of just starting a new band? That is an easy question. It is the same vision and dream that lays behind this new record. The sound has just evolved to something new and something that deserves a fresh start.

Release date

Next update, on Monday 17th. of January we will release the date for the first single from Sonata Di Morte. I can reveal that it will be released in February.

Die With Fear emblem
All Copyright reserved
Die With Fear Official Emblem

We will bring our old emblem with us into the future.

The new band name is actually ripped from this emblem. We have always loved this and it became the main inspiration for the new name and artwork. All thanks to Gustavo Sazes.

Happy New Year

Well if you reached this far you are at the end and we thank you for your time and interest.

We wish you all a happy new year and a great start on the new year.

We will do all that we can to help you.

Catch you over at our new sites.

Signing off....

Cheers guys!

All the best from us in Die With Fear

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