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Behing The Music Pt.3 - Sonata Di Morte

Hi, and welcome to this 3rd part of Behind The Music.

So we will take a closer look at our titled track that is coming out soon, Sonata Di Morte.

Before we begin, we want to tank all of you that has taken an interest in this news/story tread, by reading it and being apart of our story. Horns up to you!


So to begin the story, I have to say that this song was written pretty tight upon the decision of our album title. We had some songs that we worked on during this time. And one of those was this. A similar tempo/feel change was made such as we did with (I) Favor The Brave, but with totally different effect. In the beginning it was a lot of back and forth. I had this riff that was more sooted for just fun riffing, but didn´t fit into a song. So we put that riff away and started with variations of it.

After some time I had come up with a riff that i liked. I wrote most of the song with this, but it didn´t feel 100% right. So the tempo change was made.

The major difference was that this song was almost done. We changed the feel from 4/4 to a 8th note triplet feel. We already had everything we needed going forth, but there was one section we could get to pop out the way we wanted. So by doing this change, the last part fell into place.

It didn´t actually do anything major to the rest of the song. It stayed the same in a way.

I would say that it gave it a bit more muscle and pulled down the classic thrash feel a bit.

In all, we felt that this fitted better to the big picture.

So let´s look at how this song was born

As a lot of our songs are based around a

riff, the major problem or challange I would say, Is to make it blend in with our more modern style and sound. I´m a thrasher in the core so it easily gets dragged towards that. I had this, one string picking-pattern I liked and a nasty sounded tail, I hade ha a feel of a person getting lifted up by his shirt, and smashed to the ground.

With a dark octave tale that really made my head bounce, I really like that sound.

As for the the overall composition,

every thing in this song is in tight connection to the main riff.

So it was pretty easy to write, and it came together pretty naturally. I would say that is a good thing, for the most part.

This is our title track Sonata Di Morte

So when we decided that we hade a good foundation, we started working our way outwards. The verse is a variation of the main riff. Classic way to go I would say.

and it works great.

For the chorus we ended up with the sound and feel that made me go: "This is our title track Sonata Di Morte. I can feel it."

We agreed then and there.

Even when we laid down the vocals, we just looked at each other, me and Wille, and just nodded our heads. Linus heard it and just said, we have it. It´s how it suppose to be.

I want to point out the backing for the main solo on this song. It was written as new section with a new riff to support the contrast, since most of the song is in and around the main riff. That way the dynamics of the song fell into place.

Musically the chorus is tightly connected to the feel or pain and suffering. And Wille heard that and understood what I felt. He connected with it in a fantastic way. Just felt right.

A massive beast

In the end of the song you will hear a new riff. This riff was actually the original riff that started the whole song. And when we pulled it into the song, the ending came to life. Very easy and it just turned the last part into a massive beast.

The drums was partially written, but I will give the credit to Siros Vaziri for the overall sound and feel of the drums.

The bass is strong and powerful, straight to the bone.

Not too much space to wander off in.

But it is a fantastic track and tight, so again we got the little extra here and there. Linus always makes the tracks his own.

The lyrics and the story behind them can only come from the man him self, and it will. Adding it here will make the post too long. And we think that, for those who only wants the story behind the lyrics, we will make a new tread about that later into this album release.

So we hope you have enjoyed this part, we will see you again next week with part 3.

Next up we will look at our first single "To The Wolves"

Cheers & And Play It Lound as F....k!

All the best to you from us in

Die With Fear

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