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Behind The Music Pt.4 - To The Wolves

To begin with we will let you know the release date for Sonata Di Morte, our third single.

The released date is June 3rd. The song will be released with our official music video.

To The Wolves

This song became something totally different.

When it first was recorded as a demo. We only had the verse and chorus that we felt was really solid.

Originally the chorus was played with guitar. And is now the bass line.

I had some different ideas for a intro.

Mainly more straight to the point and heavy.

But when I made the melody part the whole picture of the song changed and I felt I hade to go with the intro as a lead.

I actually removed the chorus and wrote only the part that you can hear from the rhythm guitar. But I lost something and that bothered me for some time.

A 180 degree turn

When we decided to make the intro as the main chorus melody I could hear the bass line with the "original" chorus. And that made the whole section really stand out.

So as the song was much heavier and brutal in the beginning, it really made a 180 degree turn and landed solid as a melodic groove tune.

This song was written pretty late in the processes of the album as a whole, and helped with the overall dynamics and diversity. I must be honest, I find it a bit hard to add to the story as it was not done much more to the song except solos and harmonies. The different part was written intentionally as presented on the album.

Born again

I think we tried to figure out what to do with this song for 6 months. But never did anything to it. I would say a writers block was in place. But when things started to happen, as I have described above, everything loosened up and changed. And the song was born again. But this time as a melodic pice.

As we have used this song in our showcase and for auditions, we quickly noticed that people commented on this and wanted to use it. Maybe because it is easy to get the feel off or it just sticks. But when people started to hum the chorus when it was brought up we understood that it had pretty good hooks.

So when Wille was to give his fist demo, he picked this one, And he nailed it. I think we only did the wolves part at the end as additional vocals. Everything else was pretty much sealed from the demo.

For the bass tracks, Linus only got the chorus as a pre written part. The rest he wrote him self and mad as much noice as he could. There is not to much space to go all crazy on this track,

Drums was sat up pre written. Only guid to show where the feel should be.

Siros really made this song groove.

So this concludes part four of Behind The Music and the song To The Wolves.

Thank you for tanking the time and we hope you enjoyed it,

All the best from us in Die With Fear

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