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Behind The Music Pt. 1

Hi and welcome to this new tread that will contain insight and details about making the album Sonata Di Morte, song by song. Will try to make it as readable for gear freaks as much as the average listener.

Back To The Beginning

Let´s go back to where it all started. Way up in the north in a small town called Tromsø, Norway.

All the way back in 2015 when we ended our European tour with Dienamic and the album Afterlife, we immediately started looking for clues how to get the next album to sound the way we imagined. By clues I mean inspiration and what way to go. Stay on the thrash/Groove train or go forward towards something new. For me personally, as a songwriter, I have always felt what I want my music to be, but with just a feeling and a wired image in the head it is not that easy to get it out in the right way. By spreading all the pieces out on the floor and trying to pick the parts that you think will bring you towards what you are looking for, seamed to work. I know it can sound a bit like a cliche. But doing that makes you pick the top ideas and the "out of the box" creative outlets.

Backing and choir tracks for Terra Interficit

Choir friends of Gustav - Terra Interficit
The Choir

Never the less, we started out with the songs that can be heard on Dienamics EP Bardo. Those first two song, Plead You Guilty and Terra Interficit, was actually the start of what was suppose to be Dienamics - Sonata Di Morte.