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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

This became a night update. For you who has been waiting all day, I apologise, but look at the bright side, you have something to read on Tuesday in stead.

We have beed stuck in a waiting period, same as I have mentioned in previous posts.

To get you some real information:

We have made it easy for everybody to get a hold of our Merchandise. Allot of different products. The shop will be available during the promotion of our first single.

Release date?

We have tried to be able to get the first single out before Christmas, but we see that we can not make that happen.

Instead we are aiming to start promotion before Christmas. And start the new year with a bang and release our new single.

-To The Wolves.

It´s like stealing candy from a kid.

After finishing the recording, our hand came out of our behind.

We decide to change the whole idea of reaching out to our fans and giving you the best of the best of content and give you the opportunity to be apart of this new record in a way that is actually fun and exiting. As I have said before, we need our fans and we need to be the band that our fans are trying to support.

I have looked at my self as a fan and noticed that we as a band have been doing things the wrong way. Not doing thing for you. We thought we did, but having limited time in our life, we have used more time making things wore for our self. Music and growing a fan base is all bout we doing things together as a unit. If you choose to be apart of our band we have to treat the whole band as one, band, fans, partners, and supporters in all forms. Of course we will have the little extra for those who burns 100% for our music and our community.

Building up our new foundation takes time, but as we have begun walking down this new path, we felt that, compared to the ways we have done things in the past, this is going to be like stealing candy from a kid. Why i say that is not because it is less work. It is much more work, but when thinks are fun, It is easy. And it has never been more fun being in a band and releasing new music together with you.

There is a lot of things we can´t talk about

Due to the clamped situation we are in, we can´t talk much more about the upcoming events regarding the new music and single.

But don´t worry, you will know it all sooner then you think.

New music every 4-6 weeks

You heard right. We will have new music every 4-6 weeks during 2022.

And with that comes cool events, content and ways for you to join our madness and be apart of this great and much awaited album.

Thanks for taking your time and catch you next Monday.

Good night and remember to Play It Fu... Loud.

All the best to you from all of us in


Have a kick as week!

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