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Metal Gods TV review Surfing The Apocalypse 9/10!

Check this quote out! A HUGE thanks once again to Metal Gods TV for the incredible 9/10 review for #SurfingTheApocalypse. Love the support.

More info & purchase links on our releases section here.

"It can be said that this is one band that certainly knows how to put in the hard efforts in order to reap the rewards … And reap the rewards they should do because “Surfing The Apocalypse” is one hell of a cracking album! It contains nine tracks and runs for a time lasting just 36 and a half minutes. That’s 36 and a half minutes of more skull crushing sounds, with rhythmic and heavy melodies as well as those savage riffs, all of which kicks off with the impressive “Creation Of A Sinking Ship” as Dienamic slam you against the wall with a serving of heavy, chugging riffs, pounding bass lines, and pummelling drums … What a terrific opening to the album … I’m headbanging so hard to the detriment of my already fragile neck! If this intensity continues, I may need to take a trip to my local Urgent Care Centre …."


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