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Tour and full line up announcement UK 2016

Dienamic is announcing a UK Tour with Humanity’s Last Breath and Shields. The tour will take the band to Glasgow, Bolton, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Swansea, London and Brighton from June 11th to 19th. The band will play under UK Tech-Metal Fest in Glasgow and London. This is the bands last tour before heading back into the studio. Recording of the follow up to their last release, Afterlife (2015) is scheduled for 2016.

The band is proud to announce that Jørgen Olsen (former drummer for the band 2010-2014) and Martin Killie, brother of Eivind Killie is joining Dienamic for this tour. Martin and Eivind grew up together playing music. This will be the first tour these two brothers do together. It will surely be a special experience for them.

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