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Dienamic move to Sweden

Dienamic Goes Sweden D-Day/Week

Hi guys, I’m back again! This time we’re not on tour, but still on the move. Currently seated on a train in Kiruna as we wait for it to start moving on over to Boden. From there on it will be beer, whisky and the night train on over towards Gothenburg! I am part of the advance scouting troop for the Dienamic invasion, with me I have the elite social soldier Gus ´the King of Swedenª Lindquist, We were pretty damn stoked before we left Troms¯ at 06:10 this morning, at this point we’re both just a little bit tired from lack of sleep and nutrition. I think we will survive just fine however, especially considering it’s only 3 hours left until we get to Boden and our long awaited sleeping coupe. Will be so great to finally have a bed to lie down in, since the bus and train seats so far have been less than stellar. Fortunately the train is not full so we can occupy alot more space than we paid for, which gives us both comfortable leg space. It sure beats having to sit with Gus’s stinkies right below my face.