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Dienamic move to Sweden

Dienamic Goes Sweden D-Day/Week

Hi guys, I’m back again! This time we’re not on tour, but still on the move. Currently seated on a train in Kiruna as we wait for it to start moving on over to Boden. From there on it will be beer, whisky and the night train on over towards Gothenburg! I am part of the advance scouting troop for the Dienamic invasion, with me I have the elite social soldier Gus ´the King of Swedenª Lindquist, We were pretty damn stoked before we left Troms¯ at 06:10 this morning, at this point we’re both just a little bit tired from lack of sleep and nutrition. I think we will survive just fine however, especially considering it’s only 3 hours left until we get to Boden and our long awaited sleeping coupe. Will be so great to finally have a bed to lie down in, since the bus and train seats so far have been less than stellar. Fortunately the train is not full so we can occupy alot more space than we paid for, which gives us both comfortable leg space. It sure beats having to sit with Gus’s stinkies right below my face.

So this is part 1 of the invasion in the form of us going down and trying to get stuff organized for the remaining troops. Trying to get some part time jobs locked down and finding areas where we can get us a practice space. As well as explore the local water holes and feeding stations. This is going to be such a blast! Can’t wait to actually get down to Gothenburg, only 21 hours of travelling left…

Having a sleeping coupe thing is so great, I slept like a baby! I guess the beer and whisky helped a little.. Woke up early and just relaxed before the train arrived at the last exchange. Gothenburg next!

The day was mostly spent at the train station relaxing and waiting for the guy with the airbnb apartment to reply. We did have a nice visit with Marcus Rosell at his Studio over in gamlastaden. First time for me meeting the guy, Gus had toured with him back in 2013 over in Japan. At that time he was sitting in for Nightrage, now he plays drums for Dead by April. Great guy, funny and quite energetic. So damn enthusiastic you can’t help but get carried away when he gets going. Had some coffee and talked music with him, also got to listen to some stuff he was mastering for Lost Seconds. It was a nice mix of melodic and sweet, good clean vox coupled up with harder screaming. Shit sounded great, can’t wait to hear the finished product! Away from Marcus we go and head on back to the airbnb guy, to check out our accomodation for the following month.

We hop on the electric bus and zoom on out to Lindholmen where the apartment was. Call up the guy and he seems surprised that we’re already there, even though we had agreed to meet him at this specific point in time.. The reason for his surprise becomes apparent once we enter the apartment. It reeks of weed, so he probably just lit up. The guy is stoned as hell and the apartment shows proof of his quite simplistic lifestyle. The apartment has one bed, one couch and one tv. Our room that was supposed to contain two beds, was just completely empty. This feels like PÈcs all over again.. We just get out of there as politely and quickly as possible and start searching for another airbnb temporary solution. Call up airbnb and we get a coupon to use for our troubles, great customer service there!

Train back into the station, sit around there and hope for replies. Running out of power, go to the Telenor booth to charge. They close after a while, so we go to O’Learys and have a bite to eat while charging Gus’s phone. No replies yet and we’re starting to just laugh a bit at the situation, it seems so typical at this point. We decide that if we have no replies by the time the clock hits 21, we’re just going to pay for overnight storage and go find a hotel for the night.

About 15 minutes before the time runs out we get a reply from Cherie on airbnb. So we’re good to go until Tuesday, that leaves us a few days to get our living situation sorted. Might need a few more days of semi permanent residence, but we wont know that until Tuesday arrives. Our weekend is saved! So we just head on out and have a few more beers!

Unfortunately, we did not stop at just a few more beers. One more Dienamic night of drunken debauchery follows next. We did have a good time though, the parts we do remember atleast! Retired to our beds at 4 in the morning, drunk, happy and quite exhausted. The first day in Gothenburg was not that bad after all!

That was the first part of the blog, which I actually wrote on the first weekend. Just keeping it like that, so it seems fresher. The rest of this stuff I had to forget about for a week before trying to recollect. So that’s why the narrative switches right in the middle, not because I am a retard. But yeah, some people would argue that fact as well.. Read on motherfuckers and fatherfuckers! I am trying this whole equality thing, don’t want to exclude anyone these days!

The second day became much like the first.. We decided we wanted to consume some steaks on this day, so we set out for this Texas Longhorn steakhouse. They were unfortunately fully booked, so we did not get to try out their food. After going through 3 other options we stumbled into this place called Meet Restaurant. Great little place that had one small table available, they also happened to have delicious steaks there. We eat up, have a whisky and make our way over to this place called Rockbaren. Where we again proceed to pound down everything drinkable, as well as spend our hard earned money playing blackjack. Everyone knows that this is a game you really do good at when you’re hammered. But hey, what else should you be doing late at night while you’re drunk as fuck. As usual the night goes blurry after a certain point, but I don’t think we were to stupid on this day. I just remember us standing around inside a store where they were selling hotdogs, and us just stopping right in the line where we bought the food to eat it. Then we dropped our food on the floor and got yelled at, so we just booked it out of there as quick as we could.. Suddenly we are in a taxi and heading to the apartment, hey presto we’re home. I really should cut back on the drinking..

Sunday was just spent sitting around being a bit hungover after 3 days of drinking.. Well, that and we did our jobs which was applying for jobs and apartments. Got some practice done, but mostly it was sitting around relaxing.

Monday and Tuesday was pretty much the same, us doing boring stuff like walking around and looking at places. Applying for jobs, talking to people.. Nothing fun happened at all.. Well, we did have fun gaming and talking shit with our temporary roomies Cherie and Graham. Graham is british and a great guy, talked smack with him mostly the few times he was actually home. Both of them seem rather busy, since they’re hardly ever home. The only eventful thing to happen was me getting sick, oh joy! But instead of writing several paragraphs of whining about feeling like shit, I’ll just skip on over to the more interesting parts of our week.

Wednesday, ahh. Finally we get to wednesday! Been waiting for this day for a little while now, since we’re going to go see Periphery tonight. On stage with them is also Veil of Maya and Good Tiger. Going to be a great night of metal for us! Just going to spend the day on the couch relaxing, I think I will sleep some more.. Only to wake up about an hour before the show starts, throwing down a beer or three and running out the door! Get over there and the place is already packed, the opening act has just started their first song as well. So we just book it inside and grab a quick beer before finding a location around front of house. Good Tiger was great, their drummer is quite excellent. Then again, it’s Alex Rudinger so what do you expect. A funny moment during their show is when the singer sticks the mic into the crowd to get someone to scream the lyrics and the guy actually has better scream vocals then the singer. I bet he wont do that again for a few shows..

Veil of Maya was good, but Periphery of course took it to another level. They were on point and excellent, so tight and well coordinated on the stage. Had a great time with just a few beers and great music. All in all, quite a good night! If you look away from the fact that I was still sick and was barely able to stay on my feet at the end of the night. But hey, this is not about me…

Thursday is just being sick and feeling sorry for myself. While Gus does some works and games. The only thing out of the ordinary is we go meet the guy we had booked the first airbnb apartment from. He is going to spain for a few weeks, so we’re going to rent his apartment while he is gone. Great for us, since it gives us a place to be until christmas. Which means we have an easier time finding something else, since we don’t have to worry about keeping a roof above our heads. We meet up with him and his girlfriend, nice girl from Norway. Discuss specifics and come to an agreement, we get to move in the following day and all is well in our world once more.

Friday pops around, we move our stuff up to the apartment. Go out to the store and get us a case of beer to put in the fridge, because beer is needed. Later that same day we head out on the town with Graham, starting off at this local brew pub. Excellent selections on tap, so I taste around a little bit while we get hammered. We head on over to Rockbaren a little later, us thinking we were going to walk or take a bus. But no, Graham says we need to Uber there. We’ve never tried Uber before, but he uses it all the time. So yeah, sure. Let’s go then. The guy picking us up has this black BMW tinted windows, lowered. Basically looks like most of the cars back home where I am from, cool guy though so we shoot the shit with him while he drives us on over to the pub.

We keep pummeling down until finally it’s time to go home, so we try our own hand at this Uber thing. Which is pretty much a really smart thing to do for the first time when you’re drunk as fuck at 3 in the morning. So the first car we had booked calls us up, asking if we see him. We try to search for this Opel that he is supposed to be driving, but se no dude.. Turns out we fucked up the booking and he is at our destination instead of where we wanted to be picked up. Drunk as fuck we almost start arguing with this guy, before we hang up and just order a new Uber. This one shows up and takes us to where we wanted to go, it’s also not that expensive either. I guess we will be drunk Ubering some more while down here, seems like an easy way to get your ass home.

Saturday we went out and bought supplies for the apartment, and also more food to have there.. Both of us were feeling slightly reduced at this point, since we had continued drinking when we got home from the bar. Because hey, we had alcohol here. What other reasons do you need? We even buy a couple of frozen pizzas so that we can have a good old nerdy night at home. Which we do, watching Dreamhack Winter and the CS:GO matches there. Great matches to watch, made for an entertaining night of esports.

Now it’s Sunday, and I have done fuck all. Had bacon and eggs for breakfast, sat around on the couch watching movies and talking to people online. Right now we’re watching In Flames live from Rock Am Ring this summer. Good concert, you should youtube it.

So this has been our first week in Sweden. Basically drinking beer and being loud obnoxious Norwegians. Just what we always do! Except this time it was just me and Gus, not the entire gang of miscreants. Well, see you in a week for more updates on our silly days and nights. Toodles!

PS: Torje was in Jˆnkˆping and did not come and visit us, so fuck him. PPS: I know my grammar is terrible, but I never did pay attention in school so it’s quite self explanatory.

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