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Japan Tour Blog 2015

Afterlife Japan Tour Day 0

Oh shit! It’s that time again!

Apologies for the long silence from camp Dienamic, we’ve been busy and I have been lazy. So I take the full blame for the lack of updates on our activities, well in the form of this blog atleast. I’m not much of a social media guy..

Anyway! Enough with the shitty excuses and sorrys. We’re back! Well, we never left but we’re about to head back out on the road. This time we’re going to Japan! Second time for the band itself, but the first time for me. So it is going to be one exciting trip for sure! I have always enjoyed the Japanese culture, well the older parts of it. Not that into all the anime and weird stuff going on these days, but I have plenty of friends who are! Which means that everyone wants me to buy them something from Japan.. I am sorry to everyone, I cannot possibly buy something for all of you.. Easier to just write it here, instead of sending 11ty billion texts.

Back to the story at hand! We have been busy working on new things, as well as keeping on top of everything for the upcoming tour. Since the last update we had an awesome release party gig, a great festival gig and another sweet and short festival gig. Other than that we all had some summer vacation and worked on improving ourselves and the band, as well as some new material. We’re also gearing up for the move to Sweden, taking us far away from our place of birth to new adventures! And damn excited about it to boot!

But I get side tracked, this was supposed to be a lead in towards our Japan trip. So much to write about all these other things, need to try to stay on track! This friday the 28th of August we depart on this grand adventure! Next up is some days off before we’re gonna wreck it with 4 amazing shows for the Japanese crowd. It is going to be a blast, from start to finish! So to all fans both new and old, if you’re in the area come check us out!

Will be doing my regular writeup once we actually hit the road, just figured I would get you all started. While in reality I just wanted to get myself started, it’s been a while since I last wrote these. Just need to get myself back in form!

Write you later! -Kenny

PS: Honorable mentions go to Torje, for actually staying awake at a party!

Afterlife Japan Tour

Day 1

Waking up, feeling like..

No wait, I never did wake up.