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William Bergbacka

Wille Bergbacka - Vocals

Currently in session work with the band. 

Growing up in Gothenburg, heavy music was always present. From a very young age, heavy music became both an interest, a love, as well as a lifestyle.


"At The Gates have always been the main influencers and still are. Closely followed by other Gothenburg giants such as Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Amon Amarth clearly influenced me as well.


When it comes to my own vocal style, I'd say that I've borrowed some here and there from the previously mentioned bands and their frontmen. But if I had to pick one main influence, it is easy: Tompa Lindberg of At The Gates. Hands down. His lyrics and his vocal style is without a doubt my biggest influence and source of inspiration.


As for the future, I do believe we have something good coming your way. Only time will tell. Whatever happens, know this: We gave this our all. We gave this album EVERYTHING! "

Stein-Odin Johannessen - Guitar

Stein-Odin Johannessen

Stein-Odin Johannessen began his music career back when there were no djent besides Meshuggah. At the age of eight he was introduced to ...And Justice For All... Beginning with drums he quickly found the passion to create.

The music was replaced five years later by his obsession towards motocross and FMX. Almost ten years was dedicated on the back of a bike... Until his accident.

That was his golden ticket back to music, but this time, guitar.
Influenced by James Hetfield, Darrell Dimebag, Mark Morten, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Angus Young , Steve Vai, Nick Jonston,  Zakk Wylde and Guthrie Govan. The road to making his music-dream began.

After many years working on the bands sound and songwriting, he can now finally say: "We got it".  

After a decade with Dienamic, a new path has revealed it self and with a new line-up they have now decided to change the name of the band to better represent what the band is all about. Swedish Melodic Death Metal act Die With Fear is born.

Linus Hernvall

Linus Hernvall - Bass

Linus always had a big interest for heavy and groove music, but it was in his early twenties he started to learn to play, influenced by none other than Cliff Burton, with his energetic and aggressive style that made Linus first pick up the four stringed axe.

With a background of various of hard rock and metal bands, he has big ambitions and want to take Die With Fear into to the spotlight and really show the world who we are.
The aim and sole focus has been for several year now, that include the last period with the band as Dienamic, to complete the new Die With Fear album "Sonata Di Morte" with fast-paced riffs and an energy that makes it hard not to throw your hair about. To get out on the road and tour is of course tempting as well, as there's no better feeling than to be living the dream on a sweaty stage, high on adrenaline.


He has big expectations for this album and the future with the band and is eager to make  magic happen on the live stage together with the metal machine Die With Fear.

Robin Lagerborg

Robin Lagerborg - Guitar

Currently in session work with the band.

As a kid growing up, music was always present, and always caught my attention. Both my dad and my uncle played and listened to a lot of music and still does. Mostly blues, rock, hard rock, all the awesome 60's, 70's and 80's bands. My dad used to play guitar with his friend on the weekends when my mom was working. I remember that I often listened to them play. Thought it was cool as fu....! The best time was when my uncle came over and joined the party. He had his old drum kit in the attic of our house. So a couple of times a year when my mom was out, they rigged up the living room, drums and guitars and just rocked out.


My uncle really made me wanna play the drums at first, but we had limited space in the house, so that didn't work. Well, time went by, and one day my dad came to me with an offer. He asked if I wanted to play guitar instead of drums. "I'll buy your first guitar and amplifier" he said to me. So I thought, well guitar is pretty cool too. Ace Frehley in Kkiss plays guitar, he is much cooler than Peter Criss, haha!

That is how I got into playing guitar and making music.


Here we are, older but still with the same love and passion for music!


So my inspiration began with Kiss, no doubt. Some AC/DC, Whitesnake, Deep Purple everything my dad listened to, you know. After that I became a hardcore Metallica fan for years, riffing like a maniac, but It naturally evolved towards Pantera, Slipknot, Chimaira,

Lamb Of God and Mastodon. My love for grooves and chugs in metal is a huge part of me. This has naturally turned me in to this chug ´n groove machine I am today.


Everyone I ever played with wanted to be a solo/shredder like Yngwe, and i was like ”fu....k that, every band needs a brutal rhythm guitarist to make peoples head pop!” So I have been working hard on my chugs and grooves and people seem to enjoy that just as much. Or I tell myself that anyways.

Logo White Trans DWF_edited.png

Drummer - TBA

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